Live, Love, .......What???

     I know I posted quite a bit about our trip to the East Coast, and even though we've been back for a week I wanted to share one more thing -- a souvenir I picked up in Bar Harbor, Maine at a shop called "Bark Harbor" (how cute is that name?).
     As our beloved Lucky was back home hanging out with his pals at Canine College, I knew we had to bring him back something special but not your run of the mill dog toy -- something that signified our trip.  I saw this red rope lobster and had to have it as the Lucky dog loves all things rope!  I didn't even look at the price, but when my husband paid for it, he gave me a look!!  (ok, it was a little pricey....ha!)  (Maybe I can find out how to make one on Pinterest!!??)
     As you can see, Lucky loves his lobster -- and I also picked up a magnet for myself!! 
 (Maybe I should rename my blog!!??)
Living, Loving....Lobstering??

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