Monday Memories With My Mom

The Adventures of Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     Well, after spending quite a bit of time with my mom over the last couple of weeks, I managed to go a week without making a visit.  Although I am still concerned over her recent medical problem, I have been waiting for her doctor to get back from vacation, which is supposed to be today.  I will talk to him about how to proceed or even if anything needs to be done in his opinion.  I do not want to put my mom through any unnecessary testing or doctor appointments.  Frankly, I also do not want to visit him so he can do nothing and tell me to go to a different doctor.
Jacob and Grandma
     Jacob and I stopped by to see Grandma today.  The good news is, she does not seem to be going through her undergarments as quickly as the last few weeks and she is still acting herself.
Six Packages (one is in use) Should Last for a Month
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     Shortly after we arrived at my mom's she said, "I heard your dad moved again".  We confirmed this even though it happened several months ago.  My parents are divorced and my mom has been repeating this for awhile.  Then, she usually makes some inappropriate remark about how she is glad she isn't with him anymore (which probably is not true).  The above ecard I found on Pinterest could very well describe my mom!!  (Those who know her, am I right??)
     While visiting, I remembered that my mom's foot doctor ordered some special orthopedic shoes for her which I believe she received in April or May.  She had decided then that those were "winter" shoes and promptly put them in her linen closet (which I believe I mentioned in an older blog post).  Well, after seeing her in these yellow "imitation crocs" for most of the summer, I decided it was time to reintroduce these better quality shoes and I know she could use the extra support they provide.  Right away she again said, "those are winter shoes".  I told her they are fall and winter shoes and that they are very good quality and it was time to wear them.  I asked that she put them on and then Jacob and I told her we would pack the others away in the shoebox and put them in the linen closet.  It will be interesting to see if she searches them out.  If she is wearing her yellow Crocs again next time, I will have to take them to my house (or hide them better), just to get her to wear these better quality shoes.  I know she will like them if she gives them a chance.  They just velcro on.
    Oh, and we have a family wedding coming up in January and she said several times while trying on the shoes, "ok, but I'm not wearing these to the wedding".  I assured her that she would not be wearing those to the wedding.  She also asked if I am picking her up for the wedding.  I told her that yes, in 5 months, I will pick her up for the wedding!!?? 
     So you can see that things are going fairly smoothly here.  In a couple of weeks my kids will be back in school and I should, at least in theory, have more time to devote to taking care of my mom's needs!!  Thanks for "listening"!!

**ps Thanks Li'l Nancy for the card!!
Although They May Not Be in the Fall Edition of VOGUE, They Aren't Bad!!!??

Cute, Bright, Springy/Summery, But Not Much Support
(Once Your Parent Has Fallen, You Look at their Shoes Mores Carefully)


Ruth said...

The new shoes aren't bad at all and that Pinterest card was made for your mom. lol

Jennifer said...

Hmm, between those two options I'm not sure which I would pick?????

And I was wondering if you were going to tell her about the wedding! I'm guessing you and I aren't going to be able to have a drink at the wedding huh because you are going to be on Long Island Ice Tea patrol. I'll have one for you. And one for your mom.

Kerri said...

Great picture of your mom and your son! I like the new shoes...they were better than what I had pictured in my mind! My parents have been divorced for 20 yrs. and everytime I talk to my dad, he mentions some memory with my mom. He has never moved on....very sad. Maybe my dad has alzheimers and we didn't know it?! ;)