Megan's Big Week!

     Well, things have definitely been ramping up as the first day of school is approaching....
     Megan was at her high school marching band camp for a week and then the band performed for the parents last Saturday.  It's going to be another fun season with some new music and "moves" from the band, which is now 170 plus members strong.  Last year we had about 140 members!!  I will spare you too much detail at this time as I will be posting throughout the season, but the band is playing some fun music, such as:

Take on Me - A-Ha
Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5
We Found Love - Rihanna
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Of course, if you really can't wait (ha!) you could always check out this post complete with video of the band' s Disney performance!!  From what I have seen at the camp preview and practice, this season's show should be a big hit with the crowd!! 
Megan (middle) at their Camp Preview Show
     Additionally, although I didn't post about it, Megan did complete and pass her driver's education class!  Next step was going to the Secretary of State to get her learner's "permit" enabling her to drive with us.  Because of camp and other things, we didn't make it to the Secretary of State until last week where we waited for two hours to get called and taken care of!!!  Ugh!!  Fortunately, it was some good alone time for me and Megan to catch up on things and do some good people watching...
     Apparently, sister Kristin snapped this blurry picture through tinted windows from inside our house as Megan was backing out of our driveway for the first time...  I was with her and you might be able to see she is using her mirrors properly, etc...  She did a good job and ended up driving "us" (no, not my other two precious cargo kids) to her high school registration, to a friends house, the bank and the grocery store.  Right after we left our subdivision, an ambulance was coming from the other direction so we safely pulled over to the side of the road -- whoa -- that was unexpected.  Then, while in a friend's subdivision we were forced to go around a big cement truck blocking the road, then a very feisty garbage truck decided to turn right in front of us, missing our car by only inches as those big trucks like to do.  All of that was handled well by Megan and -- we are still alive!!!!  Yay!!
     While giving her my defensive driving speech, I admit I got a bit teary eyed!!!  It's not enough to teach your own kid to drive safely -- you have to pray the other driver still drives safely, too!!!  She will be driving with her permit for at least a year as she has not turned 15 quite yet!!  Congratulations to Megan for being responsible and even listening to her mom while driving!!!

A Paparazzi Quality Photo of Megan
Backing Out of the Driveway for the First Time!!
     Next, we had high school registration which may not sound like much but it kind of is.  Numerous forms are filled out ahead of time, she got her schedule, picture taken, student id...  Then, I got to pay for all kinds of fun things like pictures, athletic passes to watch my kids play in sports and activities that I....already paid for, picked up the million dollar yearbook, ordered the homecoming t-shirt, the "class" t-shirt , (not to be confused with last year's class t-shirt), gave the German Club some money for a magnet they were selling bought a car decal from the band (even though I'm not sure I want to be one of those car decal moms)...  She got her books, her new locker assignment, some more summer homework info, chatted with friends, etc...

     This year, her classes are: 
German 2
Symphony Band
AP Statistics
AP US History
Honors English
Honors Chemistry
Yikes!  Hope she doesn't ask me for any help!!??

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