A Quick (Couples) Getaway

     Things have been busy and I have some blogging to catch up on, but my husband and I were lucky enough to go on a little getaway last night!!  My friend Donna and our friend Nancy were planning to have a "Girl's Night" at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino in Detroit this week.  Unfortunately, Donna, who "earned" the free night's stay, could not make it at the last minute.  So, long story short, she offered the room to George and I as she was not able to reschedule.  With the kids being older and not in school yet, we were somehow able to swing it with a lot of support from some other moms (thanks Lisa and Monica) who watched out for the kids!!
     Donna was able to hang out for a bit and check us into our room yesterday evening!!  What a great friend, right!!??  She also left us champagne and her own Donna kind of love notes around the room.  She's hilarious and that's one of the reasons we love her so much!!!  Although I have gone on several Girl's Nights  to the casino, I have never stayed there with my husband before...
     We had a nice dinner, did some gambling, and just relaxed and chatted without the distraction of the kids or being in a rush.  We were not big winners at the tables or slots, but I think George came out a few dollars ahead!!  My girlfriends know I'm all about the hotel and less about the casino!!   What a great place for people watching, though!!  I hope my jaw didn't drop too many times, and if I thought it was appropriate, I would have taken some pictures of some of the people.  I just wonder, are they from Michigan, do they come here all the time, are they hotel guests, do they have to go to work tomorrow, do they have a lot of money to gamble away, etc???? 
     Thanks, Donna, for making our stay extra special in your own "special" way!!
     Today we ended up going to a part of Detroit called Mexicantown to go to an old favorite (dive) restaurant of ours, Xochimilco, for some yummy fresh chips and salsa and lunch.  Although this is not the best neighborhood of Detroit, I felt fairly comfortable going during the day.  I am not sure, in my old age, if I would go there at night, but me and my friends used to visit there fairly often "back in the day".  The food did not disappoint and I know my husband has been craving it for quite some time.  Good stuff!! 
     It was nice to have some time as a couple -- wish we could do it more often.  Who knows, maybe we finally can now that the kids are getting older!?  If you live around here, have you ever gone to Mexicantown??  Which is your favorite place to go??

Love a fancy bathroom -- with flat screen tv!

Apparently, this is necessary to someone!?

I would love a shower this nice...it's actually bigger than it looks in this pic!

And those little touches from my BFF, Donna!

Two Beds -- Perfect Setup for Girl's Night!?

A Nice View of the Ambassador Bridge which links Detroit to Canada

We're Back after a few years -- for our Mexican fix!!

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Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Sounds like a great time! I've only been to Mexican Village a few times and always eat at the same one you did - apparently I have no idea how to spell it - LOL

I never paid attention to the spelling and a few years ago a friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go there and I said - ???? - and so I suggested Soshemoco - or something like that. They laughed their asses off.