Finally...a G-N-O!!!

     Finally, a fun post (at least fun for me!)!  Saturday me and my two "besties" since like 3rd and 8th grade headed to the casino for a girl's night out!!  Now, to many of you the word "casino" might sound super exciting and it does to me, too.  However, my friends Nancy and Donna LOVE shall we say "the gambling" part of the casino.  I love just about everything else...  I can't believe they still let me hang out with them, but they do!  I've tried to get my thrills out of the slot machines, and I've had a little fun for awhile...but then bye bye $$$$.  I don't get the thrill, but I understand I am likely in the minority with that one.  Oh my gosh, I know I sound like a total stick in the mud, but I do like to have "fun", but to me it would be more "fun" to literally flush dollar bills down the toilet...and I remind my friends of that all the time!!!  There's my disclaimer.
     Soooo, we headed to the "D" in the early afternoon.  Our check in was 3 pm, but our room was ready when we got there at 2 pm.  Cha ching!  Next on the agenda...settling into our room and breaking out the wine, cheese and crackers.  By the way, did I mention our room was "comp'd" (thanks Donna).  That's what happens when you go to the casino enough.  Poor Donna was under the weather, too.  I have to say, though, it barely slowed her down.  Lots of talking and a few margarita slushies and bottles of wine later, it was time to venture down to the casino around 6pm.  Before we left, we tried to make a dinner reservation at Wolfgang Puck from the room.  We were denied...until 10 pm -- yikes!  
     When we got back down to the hotel lobby, we could see the hustle and bustle had picked up significantly.  After all, it was Saturday night in the "D" and the first weekend in December.  There were brides, grooms, celebrations and holiday parties all around.  I got myself a new rewards card, and we weaved our way to the best 3 slot machines we could find next to each other.  This is not my first, second, third or tenth time at the casino.  I guess I have been at least ten times, including Vegas (baby), but I still don't understand half of these slot machines.  Especially the criss crossy kind like below.  It was fun, though, until my first $20 ran out...ha ha.  Then, we split up and went to our own machines.  I swear within' 10-15 minutes I got a text from Donna saying "I won, come here".  Then she said "hand pay" and I realized (duh) that means she won pretty good!!!  Nancy and I found her as she was waiting for her payout.  She was pretty "cool" considering she won $1,373.55 on a penny slot machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We were so happy for her!!  She is a lucky one!!  Remember, this is in our first half hour of being in the casino.  I said "walk away Donna, walk away"!  Of course, she didn't.
     We then went our separate ways again and met up around 8 pm to check things on the wait at the restaurant.  They were not budging (even though we were high rollers!...lol) so we went to one of the bars and had some celebratory glasses of vino!!  See, this is the part I like, people watching, talking, drinking wine, good music and good friends!!  Eventually, Donna felt the slots calling her again, and who were we to stop her???  
     Eventually, we showed up for our 10 pm dinner reservation.  We really wanted to go to Wolfgang Pucks, and not a buffet or one of the other restaurants.  We still  had to wait like 15 minutes but then finally got a booth in a cozy corner!!  Our dinner was fantastic.  We split a salad, an appetizer and then got our own dinners since we were pretty hungry by 11 pm.  Aside from probably the worst waitress we have ever had anywhere (another post in itself), the food was excellent and the atmosphere is very nice. 
     Around midnight we went back to the room to regroup...and then I stayed in the room.  I am officially old.  The smoke in the casino was bothering my eyes and throat and I was tired and just wanted to "chill" in our pretty room and read a magazine...so I did!!!  (Gosh, I sound like such a party pooper!!)  Nancy swore she would be back in an hour...I said no you won't.  She wasn't.  More like 2:30 am.  Donna....well, she returned around 5:30 am.  No more big wins...  
   Then, my high rolling friends played a bit more in the morning before we all headed to Wolfgang Puck's again for a late breakfast/brunch/lunch!??  This time, no wait and much better service...  It's always good to catch up on conversation in person.  Even though we keep in close touch with texting, phone calls, emails and Facebook -- nothing beats girl time, and I certainly don't see them enough!!!  Oh, and we teased Donna because Nancy knew all of the details of my stories because "she reads my blog".  Donna - not so much.  Sometimes, you know who your real friends are, right!?  LOL...
     We got a late checkout and then headed home.  Christmas preparations and family obligations were waiting for us.  Back to reality...and Donna needed some sleep!!!  Oh, and did I mention that my winning friend Donna tried to give Nancy and I 100 bucks each after her win!!??  Silly girl!!!!!  Very generous -- but no way!!!!  (Plus, remember, she got our room free.  Oh, and our meals, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
     I just might have gotten re energized enough to get me through the holidays!!!  Thanks girls -- I needed that!!!!  Anyone out there have any girl's night or casino stories??

We're Heeeere!!!
Love a Nice Hotel and Some Christmas Decor!!
A Lovely Square Wreath!!
Our room, two plasma tvs, toilet/telephone, etc...
(I love when there's a telephone next to the toilet -- too funny!!)
Looking towards the entrance from our room
My beautiful friends, Nancy and Donna!!
Donna conserving her energy for the casino!!
Gave these two wine glasses to them as a gift

The first slot machine I played...I have no idea what this all means, but the flying coins were fun and played exciting music!!

 Donna's Winning Machine 

Chillin' in the lounge..
Wolfgang Pucks

Breakfast the morning after...

Nancy's yummy smelling breakfast!
Donna's mushroom pesto pizza breakfast!??
Time to go....already??


The Pawlak Family said...

Oh I LOVE it! And I must ask, where did you get those wine glasses?

I have been to vegas my fair share amount of times, and unlike most, I too would SOOOOOOOO much rather go shopping (or buy drinks) than gamble/"flush my money down the toilet"!!! lol

I swear our family all likes bed...so early compared to "normal" people!!! I would of been in bed with ya!

Nancy said...

Great post, Cindy, although you could have reduced the pictures of me!!!!! Had a blast, I love you guys! (Hope Donna reads your blog today!)

Donna said...

OMG...you are toooo much! Why aren't you in any of the pictures? (I think you were protecting Megan's camera!) Surely, we could have had our new BFF Sandra take one of the 3 of us, no?


That was TRULY a night to remember with 2 of my most favorite people in the whole world...Can't wait to do it again! XO

Sarah said...

That sounds like such fun! I am with you on Casinos. The smoke gets to me eventually. So gross. We've been to Vegas and I loved all the non-gambling stuff, the good food, the pretty hotels, the entertainment. I too am clueless about slot machines. But still play them some. Gambling is most definitely NOT addictive to me. Although playing Roulette is fun. No skill, just luck.

Cindy said...

Stacey, I got the wine glasses in Frankenmuth. They were in the Wine gift shop in the downstairs of the Bavarian Inn... :)