Christmas Flashback Friday, Part Two

(With Outtakes)
     Haven't found the time to go through all my pictures like I wanted to, but here is another Christmas card photo from 2007.  The thing I remember about this is that the husband took the picture and I was in charge of positioning, smiles and laughter.  I also remember buying those red, white and green shirts, probably at Walmart, in the boys department.  They were those long underwear shirts and they were cheap and matching.  I believe I spent the first half hour explaining to the girls that it is "ok" to wear a boys shirt and nobody was going to think they were a boy!!!
     Our Christmas card photos always had/have a minimum of 20-50 photo outtakes before we get the "right one", and some years you just have to settle for the "acceptable" one!!  The more kids you have, the trickier it gets.  Even when they are older, you have to pray they will not argue or "touch" each other at the wrong time.
     I also remember the last photo quite well...cracks me up!!!  Megan had patiently posed for numerous pictures, but then her girlfriend next door had called and was "waiting for her" and she lost it because she had to go!!!!!!  That was one of our first sneak peeks to the tween/teen years!!!  It's funny how as time goes by you become just as grateful for the "outtakes" as you are for the keeper photos.  Save all those pictures and if you haven't already, make a separate file for your Christmas card photos -- you'll thank me later!!

 Christmas 2007
 Perhaps Kristin and Megan Were Trying Not To Touch Each Other?
 Cracking Up...
Jacob (cute and cooperative), Kristin (taking notes), Megan -- losing it!!

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Kerri said...

I like the red white and green matching shirts! I can imagine how hard it is with multiple kids to get a good picture. But I also think it makes for a more fun Christmas card! I feel like I had to just "settle" on a card this year. Oh well...I'll try for a better one next year! I save our cards too...but was thinking about framing each one and sitting them out...however time got away from me and I never did it!