Easy {Peasy} Neighbor Gift...

Saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was kinda clever and definitely easy and...budget friendly for sure!!  In the past, we have exchanged gifts with our three closest neighbors.  I must say, I have given some rather clever (and definitely more pricey) gifts and themed gift baskets in the past.  Now, after about 15 years...I'm fresh outta ideas, our kids are all older, and there's not much I haven't already given them.  Baking around here will be limited this year since we are running out of time, so I thought I would try this:

A box of Ho Hos
A box of Ding Dongs
Tie it up in a bow
Make a note that says:
To:  -----------
Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas
From the Ding Dongs Next Door!!!
(or Across the Street, Down the Street?)

I hope they think it's as cute as I did -- it's the thought that counts, right!?


Ruth said...

Very clever and pretty darn funny.

*~Dani~* said...

I agree. Really clever!