The Truck

     My husband has been in the market for a new car for at least a year now, and particularly in the past six months.  He mentioned the "T" word (truck), early on.  I wasn't a fan.  We have five in our family and it didn't really strike me as a second "family" car.  One thing for sure, is I told him I was not going to go looking for cars with him.  I said I would go when he had it narrowed down to two choices.  I wanted it to be a car he liked, and since I tend to be quite opinionated with big purchases, I knew I better stay out of it. 
     I think he went from truck, to Mustang (? another "family" car) to a Chrysler 300...??  He was all over the place.  I LOVE Mustangs, but after he went in that direction, the truck started sounding pretty good to me!
     I have been wanting to snap a picture of the truck for a couple of weeks now, but my husband leaves for work in the dark and gets home after "dark".  This morning I finally remembered to snap a shot when he was on his way out...
    We went for a test drive the week before Thanksgiving, and he finally picked up his Ford F-150 (while I was at the casino with my girlfriends two weeks ago).  If you've been following along, you know that the only kind of shopping my husband likes to do is at Costco.  Well, rest assured, he got his Costco discount on the truck.  It's a pretty good discount, too.  Since then, I have had time to think of all the positive things about owning a truck:

     (1) No excuses for not buying anything/everything at IKEA;
     (2) The Christmas tree can be tossed in the back
     (3) When I want a large item donated to charity, no more excuses!
     (4) DIY projects -- no problem!!
     (5) No room to transport things up north -- not anymore!
     (6) Want to look cool like the other baseball coaches - now you will
     (7) Four wheel drive in the Michigan snow - no problem
     (8) Need a new appliance...don't have to wait for delivery
     (9) Want to buy a tree for your landscape -- go ahead!
    (10) Riding High!

My first priority, is to make (1), (4) and (8) happen!!  Hopefully my trucker husband will be reading this soon!  Got any other ideas on how to make the best use of "our" new truck??      
Oh, and "Merry Christmas" to my husband, George!!! ;)

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Kerri said...

Gee...now I want MY husband to get a truck too! Love your list of reasons! Not to rain on your parade...but you know, people will always want your help now for when they move! :) I hope you're at IKEA today! :)