Oh, Christmas Tree!

Somewhere Between Norman Rockwell and The Griswolds
     Oh, Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree (remember when I couldn't wait to decorate you!?)...  I am sad to admit that for the last few years Christmas tree decorating at our house has not been anything that Norman Rockwell would have painted (family togetherness?).  In addition, the last couple of years we have seriously entertained the idea of getting an (da duh dun...) artificial tree.  Words I would have never even thought about uttering for most of my life. 
     In fact, I have a little story that goes something like this...  I went away to college.  I came home for Christmas.  I went in the family room...and discovered my parents had put up an (da duh dun) artificial tree!!!!???  Well, I kinda lost it and said things like "what?, I go away to college for three months and now suddenly Christmas is ARTIFICIAL!!!???  Seems actually pretty funny right now.  Oh, the drama!! 
     Here's the best part.  I went out by myself to a Christmas tree lot, picked one out, tied it in the trunk, and paid for it myself.  I then took down the artificial tree and transferred all of the ornaments to my...REAL tree!!  I sound like a crazy person!!  My point is, I have always loved Christmas and wanted things a certain way during the holidays.  Although I do try to keep my expectations "real" and have "let go" of a lot of traditions, to date we have always put up a "real" tree. 
     In our early years of marriage, I would drive my husband crazy picking out the "perfect" tree.  We would go to the Christmas tree lot, and I was never happy with the first 20-100 trees we looked at.  He would always have to find the ones buried in the back (in the freezing cold), pick it up, and then I would always say (are ya ready for this...) "ok, spin it slowly"!  I was completely serious!  (I am laughing just typing this!)   Well, needless to say it took me awhile to find an acceptable tree.  For a few of those years, we did not have kids so what else did we have to do anyways, right!?  Then, along came Megan and my expectations were still high even though we had her along with us all bundled up.  And yes, we went to a Christmas tree farm a couple of times, too.  Then the twins came along and slowly but surely as they grew up, everyone got disgusted with mom's tree picking criteria...   
     Fast forward to now...our Douglas Fir was purchased at Lowes while I was at the casino with my friends!  In fact, the last couple of years I have released myself from "tree duty" largely because everyone gets so tired of my selection process!  You see, now it is four people being impatient with me instead of just one.  So, Megan put the lights on the tree the same day.  I am no longer the micro manager.  If she asks for advice I just say "the more lights the better".  You see, I am "letting go".
     As an added Christmas miracle, Megan decorated the entire tree herself this past weekend.  She did a great job and I am thankful for it!!  Oh, the joy of having a 14-year-old daughter!  The tree does not always have to be exactly the way I want it.  It is beautiful just the way it is!  (And after I add my ribbon to it...and the angel on top, it will be just perfect!!  Wink wink ;)
Peace Be With You,

Norman Rockwell

Our Tree

The Griswolds

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Kerri said...

You sound like my friend Signe when it comes to finding the perfect tree! I love that Norman Rockwell picture!