Freebies 101

     It's been awhile since I've done a Freebie 101 post, but here are the most recent freebies I've collected.  You can find my last freebie post here and several others under my "Deals"  label.  I have to say that with the holidays and all I have not been requesting many freebies, but have found many "deals".  Most of which I cannot post for fear my kids or gift recipients will learn my secrets!!!
     I was also excited to learn on our recent girl's overnight casino trip that my bff, Nancy, and I had brought the same exact Garnier wrinkle cream from her freebie collection!!  Too funny -- I'm so easily amused!
     Requesting freebies is fun and one thing I've learned is that you will never have to buy travel sized shampoo or conditioner again -- just grab your freebies and throw them in your suitcase!!  Check out http://www.hip2save.com/ to get started -- there are awesome deals on there, too!!

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