Freebies 101

     Well, it's that time again!  Time to share my latest little collection of Freebies.  Who doesn't like getting free things in the mail...and they are not even bills??  You can check out my last collection of Freebies here or go to my "Deals" label to find more.  The key website I check for these Freebies is http://www.hip2save.com/.  That's it.  It is usually just a matter of filling out your name and address.  I have also noticed that my "haul" has been kicked up a notch by the fact that I finally have a Facebook account.  (I was a Facebook holdout but caved so I could use Pinterest and do some of this freebie stuff.)
     I am pretty pleased with my collection this time around.  I can't wait to try the John Frieda Sheer Blonde products and was freakishly excited to score a "Neti Pot".  Have you seen those things?  I know Dr. Oz and others swear by them, but I could never bring myself to pay for something so...gross!  However, next time someone has a stuffy nose around here (which could be any time), I will be getting that Neti Pot ready to work its magic.  Has anyone else used one?  Does it work as well as they claim? 
     Also, I'm a little excited about my 4 free K-cup coffee samples from Barista Prima Coffeehouse!  Oh, and wait 'til the husband finds out I have a little project for him...Socket Sealers to install around all of our electrical sockets, courtesy of the Duck Tape people!  Yay!!
     Have any of you ventured out into the freebie requesting world?  What have you received lately?  You should try it...it's fun and introduces you to new stuff you may not have tried otherwise!!

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