All Work and No Play...

     Well, there has not been as much fun around here as usual.  We have wrapped up our fall sports, parent teacher conferences and the first marking period are over.  With a couple of weekends in a row that were fairly free, we were able to regroup around here and do some fall cleaning before the holidays are here.  As I have said before, with my mom living here for six months, a lot of things got put to the side, like spring cleaning...or sometimes...just cleaning!
     So, we have been doing a lot of sorting -- keep, donate or toss.  It is amazing how many CDs, DVDs, and books one family can accumulate.  Oh, and some videos, too.  So many things have become almost obsolete with the internet being so readily available now to younger kids. 
     We reorganized our tv entertainment unit and the kids were helpful in that.  In fact, the kids helped out with a lot of stuff that I needed them to sort through,  I needed the kids to see which clothes fit, and if they still had use for certain books, movies or music.
     "Nowadays" with the internet and things like Pinterest, you can find almost any recipe you want on the internet...so do I really need all of these recipe books??
     We have also rearranged some furniture, (found some new pets -- dust bunnies), put up some new blinds, and just generally trying to get things back under control.  Converted our dining room back to... a dining room.  You may remember, my mom had been using it as a bedroom and I was hesitant to put my dining room furniture back until I was sure things were going to work out for my mom at her new place.
     Oh, and so much paperwork to go through....always.  Keeping track of the kids school papers, my mom bills for both her old condo and her new place, and just those forms seem never ending.
     Feels good to make some progress and have some help from the whole family!  My kids are finally old enough to be able to truly be helpful with getting organized and cleaning up around the house -- hooray for that!! 

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