Fall Mantel...Finally

     Gosh, I feel like I'm probably the only one who still has their "Fall" decorations out, but I'm determined not to "rush" the seasons this year.  There will be 15 of us for Thanksgiving dinner here, and so I'm holding on to the Fall look until probably December 1st.  Here's a quick glimpse of my fall mantel.  I have tweaked it several times since this picture was taken.  In fact, I keep on adding and eliminating and moving things around.  Now I have to stop fussing with the mantel and concentrate on house cleaning preparing for turkey dinner!
     What about you?  Are you already decorated for the holidays or still holding on to Fall like me??


Nancy said...

Beautiful!!!! I am still in "Fall" mode too, but will change that this weekend! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Cindy!

Sarah said...

so pretty!! right now, my house doesn't have any decorations :( i had some halloween ones that have been put away and i don't really have anything that's just fall. but i am waiting on christmas decor til next week.