An Undefeated Season!

     Well, as I write this the first "real" snow is threatening to hit us here in the Midwest.  However, just about three weeks ago we wrapped up all of our outdoor fall sports.  Megan and Kristin played soccer and Jacob played baseball.  Unfortunately, we tried some different leagues and teams this year and Kristin and Jacob were not lucky enough to have the best chemistry on their teams.
     Meanwhile, this fall season Megan was on an excellent soccer team.  I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about Megan's coach, as we knew him as a parent of one of Kristin's former teammates and he was a bit "intense" shall we say.  We were relieved to see he did an excellent job of coaching these girls, and their hard work paid off.  The team went undefeated this season and ended up in First Place!! 
     Megan played defense all season and did a great job.  I was proud to see her make some awesome plays against the other undefeated team towards the end of the season.  I believe her coach referred to her as defensive "ice" (whatever that means...lol).
     A couple weeks ago the team got together to celebrate their season and played a few games of Whirlyball and received their trophies!  It was a fun season to watch and we look forward to her upcoming indoor soccer playing in January and hopefully trying out for her high school team in the spring. 

Megan, Middle Row, second right

Cool Down After a Game
No Shoes or Socks for Cool Down

Whirlyball (or Blurryball)

1st Place Trophy

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