Rembrandt...at the DIA

     With my husband's sister and mother staying with us for the Thanksgiving holiday, I had made a list of possible "things to do" while they were here.  On "Black Friday" (even though part of me wanted to be shopping) we decided to go to the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts).  Yes, Detroit has an excellent art museum.  I was interested in seeing the Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus exhibition they had on display and thought my mother-in-law might like to see it as well.
     Honestly, I had not been to the DIA in years and thought perhaps it was time I had a little culture in my life!  So, off we went --it takes about 45 minutes for us to get there.  When I went to get our tickets, I ended up getting a family membership for just about $20-$30 more than I would have had to pay anyways.  Looks like we will be seeing more of the DIA!!  
     We went straight to the Rembrandt exhibition and were given headphones to follow the history of the various pieces.  It was amazing to think about how old these works were (1600s)and the stories that went along with them.  I was very moved by the exhibit and was glad for the experience.  This exhibition was organized by the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Musée du Louvre, and the Philadelphia Museum of ArtGosh, I have been to the Louvre and DIA...maybe if I make it to the Philadelphia Museum of Art I will be considered "artsy"? 
     Of course, no photography was allowed in the Rembrandt exhibit, but I did manage a few other pictures in the museum itself.  
     We also took part in a drawing workshop in the museum.  The kids enjoyed that.  I can't draw to save my life, but was kind of forced into it.  All total, we spent about 5 hours at the DIA.
     Afterwards, we had a very late night dinner at Buddy's, which is always good. 
If you're looking for something different to do in the Detroit area, I recommend you check out the DIA (and Buddy's, too)!!

A classic DIA rendering "Detroit Industry" by Rivera
(a tribute to the Motor City's manufacturing base)

Rembrandt and the Face of Jesus
Rembrandt, Face of Jesus
Photo Credit www.dia.org

This one is called "Anxiety"...so I had to take a picture of it!
I remembered that "plug" art from when I was a kid...there's Jacob!

Megan at the drawing workshop

Very life like in person...the kids couldn't believe it was a painting and not a photo

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Sarah said...

how fun! that is a very lifelike painting