Reflections on Twenty Eleven

     As this was my first year of blogging, I thought I would reflect on things a bit (besides, that's what other bloggers seem to be doing).  As I had mentioned in my 100th blog post, blogging has been such a great outlet for me.  I created this blog January 11, 2011 with the dumbest first post ever (because I had no intention of telling anyone about this blog).  Perhaps I never would have followed through on it had it not been for two things:  My aunt and my cousin figured out I had secretly started a blog; and (2) My mom needed two months of physical therapy and rehabilitation in my home after a fall down her stairs (thus leaving me somewhat house bound in March and April).
     I wish I could say this was my "best year ever", but it wasn't.  The summer months with my kids off of school coupled with taking care of my mom were difficult to say the least.  However, there were lots of fun times and milestones along the way.  We had an excellent family vacation to Arizona.  My kids graduated from their elementary and middle schools.  Now, after lots of hard work and a little luck, my mom is finally receiving the care and assistance she needs.  Along the way we also bought some much needed new furniture.  My husband got the truck  he wanted.  I snuck in some crafting time.  My son had a great year in baseball, among other activities.  My daughters played some great soccer and started some other activities.  We started attending high school football games.  I have made some new friends through blogging as well as found some great recipes, deals, and learned countless new things (including what it means to participate in "So WHAT! Wednesday").
     At the risk of sounding selfish, I hope to continue to find more "me" time in the new year while staying involved with my kids academics and activities.  A successful 2012 would mean more "Girlfriend" posts, although I did sneak in some much needed girlfriend time at a Royal Wedding Champage Brunch in honor of Will and Kate -- and who could forget our recent trip to the casino.
     Some things to look forward to in 2012 are a winter family vacation and Megan's high school band performance in the electric light parade at Disney World in April !! 
 Looking forward to sharing and learning more from you in the year ahead as we...
Live, Laugh, Love!!!!!!!

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Kerri said...

Wow, a winter vacation AND Disney World in April...you guys have lots to look forward to!
Happy one year blogaversary...and happy new year to you and your family!