Christmas Flashback Friday, Part Three

     Santa pictures are so fun to look back at.  I actually have all of my Santa pictures in frames.  This is, as I always told my kids, the real Santa, not just a helper.  He was always at the mall all of the years my kids were growing up. 
     Sadly, it appears 2008 was the last time the kids sat on Santa's lap.  Unless my 2009 picture didn't make it to a frame!?  None of my kids wanted to go this year, and last year nobody really asked and I probably ran out of time.  I think we had a good go of it.  Megan saw Santa for about 11 years and Jacob and Kristin about 8 or 9.  I know I had to make Megan go with her brother and sister those last couple of years.  I can't help but wish they didn't think they were too "cool" to see Santa, but I did encourage them to write letters/emails and they definitely do still make lists!
     I loved those little matchy tights, skirt and sweaters the girls had.  Of course, the color totally clashes with Santa's red, but I wasn't thinking along those lines back then...lol. 
     It's always nice to have a picture of same people, on the same date and place each year!!  Oh my gosh, two days 'til Christmas...and Christmas Eve tomorrow!!!

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