Living in a Winter Wonderland?

Why We Have a Good Chance of a White Christmas...**
     Here in Michigan, I would say we normally have more snow on the ground at this time of year than we do right now.  The few decent snows we have had have been short lived.  However, one thing remains true year after year.  No matter how much or little snow we get, "we" (our house) always seems to keep that snow the longest. 
     You need only look at the photos below to see what I am talking about.  Somehow my trees, the other houses and the position of our house have put us in some kind of snow protection zone.  The bad news is this also means that on the days when most of my neighbors do not even have to shovel their driveways because the sun will melt the snow by the time they get home...we still have to shovel.
     Either way, odds are good that we can keep Dreamin' of a White Christmas over here...  Ten more days!  Anyone else have any snow right now??

See What I Mean??  Check my front yard...and then my neighbors yards
My deflated snowman comes to life at night...maybe that's why we keep our snow??

**Moments after this post was prepared it rained my snow away for the last two days...but I'm still dreamin'!

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Kerri said...

No snow here...I heard on the radio today that we have a 12% chance of having a white Christmas. So, not very likely! I like snow on Christmas Eve & Christmas day and that's about it. The last 3 or 4 years we haven't had a white Christmas.