Christmas Flashback Friday, Part 1

     Sometimes I am organized, and sometimes I am not.  My photos are not organized, unless you consider being randomly shoved in photo boxes organized.  Oh, what I wouldn't have given to have all of my kids baby and toddler pictures digitally downloaded onto my computer.  Theoretically, organization would have been much easier. 
     However, in the midst of my volumes of photo boxes (someday to be placed in albums or scrapbooks) I often find glimpses of the past that just melt my heart.  I wish that I had all of my kids "Christmas card photos" in one location, but I don't.  It is on my list of "things to do".
     In the meantime, I wanted to share this sweet picture of my little ones...just eight "short" years ago.  There are a few things I love about this picture, aside from my obvious desperation in coming up with the improvised idea of the "angelic" garland on each of their little heads.  First, I love black and whites.  Second, the fact that they are all looking at the camera and seemingly cooperative (although I'm sure there were numerous photos taken).  Most of all, I love (as only a mother could) each of their individual facial expressions and the folding of their little hands.  It was (and is) so fitting of their personalities.  Jacob begrudgingly putting on a small toothless smile, disguised behind his perfectly folded hands and fully cooperative.  Megan with her two front teeth missing, a smile of Christmas wonder and delight, delicately tentative about putting her hands completely together.  Kristin, very confidently smiling with eyes sparkling and hands put together enthusiastically.  It's a classic photo and I love it!!!
     Although memories like these should be in our hearts forever, it sure is nice to have a picture to remind you!!

Jacob (3), Megan (6), Kristin (3)