Living in a Target Wasteland...

     With all of the recent holiday shopping, and in anticipation of some awesome after Christmas clearance shopping, I have been painfully reminded that I really do live in a Target wasteland.  Like many of you, Target is one of my favorite stores, followed closely by Kohls.  And then, a million other stores probably tie for third.  I also love shopping these stores online.  However, in the midst of the summer and Halloween clearances, I became even more aware that I do not have a Target close "enough" to my house.  I think 5 miles or less is reasonable.  Three miles or less would be preferable.  So, whenever my Target is low or "out of" an item, I often refer to this online map to figure out which one to go to next. 
      You can see my house is located near the large "green" arrow.  When I use the http://www.target.com/ "Find a Store" and "Get Directions" app, I am informed that my closest store is 7.6 miles away, and the next closest is 20.5 miles away.  Well, this is not acceptable!  (By the way, I do not live in the country or a rural area...)  So, you can see why I would heavily rely on my closest store having the stuff I want/need!?  That is why I am writing this letter (tongue in cheek) to Santa this year.  It goes something like this:

Christmas 2011

Dear Santa,
If you have time after world peace, health and happiness for friends and family, and maybe a couple of gifts for my kids, could you please contact your friends at Target and have them build a store closer to my house. 
If you do, I promise to donate some of the clearance deals I find to charity for Christmas next year. 
Either way, I love you Santa!

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Sarah said...

Lol. Our Targets are that far away or a little farther too. We aren't rural, just not a big enough town to have more than 4. I feel ya though, I don't shop there too much because there's not one less than 10-15min from me! :)