I {Heart} Target

      Well, even though I am sooo not a morning person, I decided I wanted to get to Target this morning when they opened at 8 a.m.  This was all in anticipation and in hopes Halloween items would be clearanced to 75% off -- and also because now my kids are all off to school by 7:30 am so I could get an early start.  I ended up getting there about 8:20 am (why is my nearest Target 7-8 miles away!?). 
     Grabbed my cart and headed straight towards the Halloween area.  Mostly just a lot of employees were there and just starting to go through more Christmas stock and stuff.  Right away I saw that the Halloween Clearance signs said 50% off for Halloween items and 30% off candy.  My bubble was momentarily burst -- but then I remembered my younger/wiser cousin always says to scan the items anyways...  Scanned a random Halloween wreath and it was 70% off...good enough for me...let the fun begin!!!  The ironic thing was that I found out about the 70% off before the employees.  They saw me stocking up and then they were randomly checking prices and eventually changed their signs to read 70% off!!!  They still had a decent amount of stuff, too.  So fun...I gotta get a job there...
     I really tried to "control" myself, as my kids are older and I'm really only interested in updating some of my decorations and getting some candy and treats.  I used to go much crazier with my purchases when my kids were still in preschool and lower elementary...you can score some great little gifts, Pez dispensers for the whole class, etc....  That's the hardest part for me is realizing I no longer have little ones to buy those cute costumes and toys for that were also 75% off!
     Check out my stuff and the great prices shown below!  Have you found any great deals lately? 
I love a good deal....and CLEARANCES!

Cake Mix .45/box
Oreos .89/package
Reeses Pumpkins $1.04/package
Hershey Minis $3.49/bag
Peeps .38/each
M&Ms $4.49/bag

Halloween Tights $1.50/each
Fall Garland $3.00/strand
Pumpkin Cookie Jar $5.99

Halloween Bulb Garland $3.00
Happy Harvest Decorative Blocks $3.60
Tea Light Haunted Tree $4.50
Tea Light Haunted House $4.50
Halloween Wreath $6.00

*Okay, I bought Mr. Potato Head 'cause he was only $2.39....


Jennifer said...

Great finds!!!! Stayed tuned for my post. I hit up two stores today!

Cindy said...

I'm ready to see your haul...!!

Sarah said...

i am just jealous of the reese ;pumpkins. did not see any for sale around here :(