Those Lanterns...and Spray!

     Remember these lanterns I stumbled on at Lowe's at the end of the summer.  Well, it's been on my list of things to do for awhile...I wanted to paint them a dark brown color and finally got around to it. 
     While I was getting the paint for the lanterns, I realized I should grab some black paint since my brassy fireplace tools have been bugging me for years.  Monday it was raining and windy, so when the sun was shining yesterday I decided to take advantage of it.  After taping up my lanterns and laying out my stuff, I started spraying away.  Although I have spray painted a few items in the past, for some reason I was really enjoying this.  Talk about instant gratification -- I'm all about it!!  I enjoyed it so much, I started walking around the house and grabbing things and spraying them.  I did an old step stool that was white...made it black, I did a brass lamp that I had, and I think I'm going to go for round 2 in the next few days...LOL!!
     I had to stop myself from spray painting my whole kitchen...it was so fun!  Don't forget the $$$$ I saved by doing this.  Similar lanterns at Pottery Barn start at around $40 and a new fireplace set would probably cost me around $40.  I got 4 lanterns for $6 and a can of spray paint is around $5...yay!  Stay tuned for some more reveals...   In the meantime, spray paint therapy -- I recommend it!!

that was a good deal

taped up lanterns



those brassy fireplace tools

ahhh, much better


Sarah said...

Looks great! Hope it sticks though. I sprayed our brass tools with grill/fireplace paint, but it still chipped super easy. Lots of brass scratch marks.

Ruth said...

Nice job!