Marching Band is Over...For Now

     Last night was the last high school marching band concert this year for Megan.  This one is an especially fun concert as it ends with the band marching down the aisles of the auditorium to drum cadences and ending up on stage.  Also, the 8th grade middle schoolers are included in much of the concert and invited on stage to play with the high school group at the end.  It helps to promote the band and helps the student decide about continuing on with band when they enter high school as a freshman.  The 8th graders love it -- Megan was one of them last year.
     Some of the selections they played were:
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Poker Face, Lady Gaga
Forget You, Cee-Lo

Maybe Before she graduates from high school I will actually get some video on this blog (with sound) to share how great they sound.
     This was their last performance of the regular season and 2011...next stop...Disney World, Main Street, Electrical Parade, April 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

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