What's the Deal at Old Navy?

     I stumbled on this pretty darn good Clearance sale at Old Navy today.  After I saw it, I remembered someone posting it on www.hip2save.com a few days ago.  Although I did not make a special trip for it, I did end up purchasing a few items.  Afterall, I have two girls and we are always looking for inexpensive gifts and fun accessories.
     Everything on these racks was $1.99, plus I got another 10 percent off because I have one of those Old Navy coupons that gives you 10 percent.  Oh, and I might have got a few other things that got me over $25 which then got me a coupon for $10 off my next purchase in September.  So, not too bad!! 
     The cashier told me they would be pulling the items on Wednesday at my store and that they have this clearance twice a year.  I do not frequent Old Navy, but probably would if there was one closer!
     Ya might wanna check it out -- I might go back since I was in a rush and now I wish I would have tried on some of those sunglasses (since I'm always breaking or losing them!!).


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I love a good deal at Old Navy :-)

RockinMom said...

Oh.no.this.is.NOT.good. I already have a slight addiction to Old Navy.