Outta My Mind

Things have been pretty busy, but I decided to vent share some randomness with the rest of the class -- besides after having a way too hot month of July, now we are having too much of this out my window!!

     I don't know much about water polo.  One thing I do know, though, is it must take great strength and endurance....  That said.....somebody needs to invent a different way to fasten those little caps!!!!  Tying them in a bow like that is significantly taking away from the muscles that seem to go with the sport!!??  Sorry, that bow just makes me giggle!!

   I noticed myself exhibiting the ultimate in laziness.  While browsing through Pinterest recently, I realized I sometimes see an item I want to pin but then stop myself from pinning it by telling myself, "Oh I can just look at my friends board if I really need it later on!"!???  Yep, I don't pin things sometimes 'cause I figure I can copy it later...  Afterall, pinning is a lot of work, right!!??  (Not!) 
     As summer is winding down (although my kids don't start school until September 4th), I am finding myself feeling more and more like this judge below....  With two 12 year olds and one almost 15 year old --  I am just about out of entertainment options!!  More importantly, why do I have to entertain at all?  Time to think about getting jobs, helping more around the house and wrapping up your summer homework kiddies -- there's a new sheriff in town and her name is M-O-M!!! (Ha!)  I spent the last almost 15 years arranging playdates, going to Gymboree, having your friends over, taking you to Chuck E. Cheese, swimming lessons, ballet, tap, soccer, scouts, baseball, basketball, preschool, birthday parties, sleepovers, zoos, petting farms, pools, etc....  Learning what to do when you are bored is important and you have the tools and ability to make a change -- so do it!!!  (Can you tell it was a rare rainy day here!!)

I stumbled across something about Ann Curry still being upset about something on the internet.  I have not followed the story (except that I know she left (or was forced out of) NBC Today's Show and still got a lot of money.  I don't know how to tell her this, but I never liked her on tv...even when she only did the news.  I liked Katie (Couric), tolerated Meredith (Viera) and found Ann lacking the personality it takes to be on the Today show!!  (Sorry!)

FILE - This April 24, 2012 file photo shows NBC's Ann Curry at the TIME 100 gala at the Frederick P. Rose Hall in New York. Curry has made her first return to NBC's "Today" show since she was replaced as one of its hosts in June. Curry was on the "Today" set in London on Thursday to introduce a filmed report on a still photographer. She lost her job as Matt Lauer's co-anchor in June and was replaced by Savannah Guthrie. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini, file)

So excited they opened a Jo Ann's two miles from my house -- and sent some great Grand Opening coupons!!!  I've got some more Pinterest projects in the works because of it and crafting is way more fun than real life stuff like laundry, paying bills and running errands!!


Ruth said...

I totally agree about those goofy water polo caps and Ann Curry. LOVE what that judge said about teenagers. It drives me crazy when kids whine about not having anything to to, hey I'm not your cruise director!

Kerri said...

I can't even watch water polo...those caps are ridiculous!! Why do they even need them?! I did feel bad about Ann getting the boot...but I agree she's not very personable when she is interviewing.
Love that article...my son often has that "entitled" attitude...drives me out of my mind!!