Teenager Tuesday

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     Once again, I am linking up with Tanya for Teenager Tuesday....here are her questions this week:

1.) What is a worry you have for your teenager?  Is there one thing you stay awake worrying about ?  Ha!  There are a million things.  Lately, it is driving and her friends starting to get their licenses and just praying for everyone's safety.

2.) What is a trait your teen has had since toddlerhood?  Hmmmm...  Is begging for things a trait!!??  Because, unfortunately, that has stuck with her. Ha! 

3.) What is your teens favorite meal?  She likes pasta -- and fettucine alfredo (and breadsticks)!

4.) Does your teen need to be pushed to do homework or are they a self starter?  Thankfully, in 6th grade she became a self starter.  My tweens...not so much.

5.) What kind of music does your teen listen to?  Her iPod is jammed full of all kinds of things.  As I've said, she is really into One Direction right now.  I know she does not like Justin Bieber.  She has most of "Today's Hits" on her iPod and even some oldies, like Journey, etc...

I know this is short and sweet, but I am busy shuffling kids all over the place.
Link up if you have a teen -- or even a "tween"!!


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