Teenager Tuesday!

     As I indicated a few weeks ago, Kelly's Korner had a link up for moms of teens. So, I linked up with her for the first time ever... As you probably know, she has a huge following!! What an eye opener when the response was quite small.  I laughed when I realized the reason was probably that most of us were probably half dead by the time our kids reached the teen years!!!
      Although I am semi-new to the teen world (my oldest will be 15 in September), I can tell you it brings a whole new set of challenges and adventures to being a mom. Our once sweet innocent kids turn into mini adults with their own opinions, goals, and the ability to express them!!   One of the other moms,Tanya at Baksha Family, decided she would try to rally our troops and keep in touch about life as a mom with teen(s). I appreciated that!!
     As a side note, congrats to Tanya and her family as her "teen" son recently accepted a scholarship to Iowa State for baseball!!! 
     If you have a teen....please link up with Tanya!!  Teen moms can always use some extra support and ideas!!   

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1.) Do you go all out for back to school shopping and get your teen(s) a whole new wardrobe or do you just get essentials such as gym shoes etc?  I try really hard not to go all out school shopping and stick to the essentials because I find that sometimes, once school starts, they see what their friends have or see something else they would rather have or change their mind about colors, etc... and that is just annoying to hear right after you just bought a buncha stuff.  Sure, it would be nice if they didn't care "what everyone else is has",but, they usually do.  Normally, we stick to jeans, a couple shirts and a pair of shoes...  I will gradually buy a few more things as we see them or when there is a good sale later on.   I should mentioned that we also get some pretty awesome (and current) hand me downs from friends.  (My teen's birthday is in September so she does ask for clothes for her birthday, too.)

2.) Does your teen go with you to buy their school supplies or is the hype of that over in your house?  Yes, she usually goes with me as she has distinct ideas on what she wants, i.e. certain colors, no not those pencils (she "needs: those expensive mechanical ones instead), no not that kind of binder they always rip when you put them in your locker, etc...  She also gets almost as excited to organize her new things as she did in elementary school!

3.) Brown bag it, cute..I mean cool designer lunch box (bag- cooler-I have no idea what to call them anymore) or hot lunch for your Teen(s)?  My daughter makes her own brown bag lunch (yay!) and did not buy a hot lunch her whole freshman year.  (ps...I was told her cute designer lunch bag thing was no longer appropriate as it was in middle school!?  ~insert eye roll~)

4.) Is your teen excited to go back to school or dreading it?  She is at the school for extra curriculars right now or I would ask her, but I  know she is excited for the extra activities and seeing friends more part, but not so much for the getting up early/homework part.

5.) Does your family have any special back to school rituals?  The only thing I can think of is that starting a week or two before school I try to gradually get them back into a better routine with their sleep, etc....   I have them go to bed earlier and get up earlier so it's not such a shock to the system on the first day of school.  Oh, and I always take their picture on the first day...  ~Oh, mom!~

Looking forward to hearing how others handle these things!!!


Anonymous said...

I think cute lunch bags are cool!!! She needs to start a new trend at school!!!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

You are right about blogs from moms of teens. I still have one college age teen and there are still challenges to blog about, even if it's just that you will make it through the toddler years!

RockinMom said...

Thank you again for linking up. May I link your blog in my sidebar list of blogs I read?