East Coast 2012 - Lobsters & Lighthouses

     Probably my two favorite things about Maine are -- say it with me -- Lobsters and Lighthouses!!  Not necessarily in that order...but probably in that order!!
     Obviously, lobster is a big industry for Maine and it is evident pretty much everywhere you turn.  Even when we visited in November a few years ago, we were able to purchase fresh lobster along the coast.  This trip I had lobster every day we were there and so did my husband!!  Not doing so would be like going to Italy and not having pasta every day, right!?  My oldest, Megan, also liked the lobster rolls.  When you see lobster boats and lobster traps at the restaurant -- ya know it's gonna be fresh. 
     I was secretly fascinated by the whole industry and actually never knew that all those colorful little "buoy things" out in the ocean and in the harbor are actually where lobster traps have been set.  Each buoy has a different color and design on it which is registered and represents a particular lobsterman.  Apparently, it is highly illegal to make any contact with a trap that is not your own.  

Boothbay Harbor -- Colorful Lobster Traps
     As for the lighthouses, we have them in Michigan, too.  I found them to be really beautiful and photographed the three below in the Boothbay Harbor area while on our whale watch tour.  Yes, they all have names and history to go along with them, but you're not going to make me remember all that are you??  I believe most are now solar powered and automated...no more lighthouse keepers.
      Who likes lobster??  Who likes lighthouses??

Now that's fresh!

Boothbay Lobster Wharf

A Typical Lobster Shop, Boothbay Harbor, ME

Lobster Gear Floating in the Harbor
My Lobster Roll at Geddy's in Bar Harbor (my second favorite)

Geddy's, Bar Harbor

Lobstaah Megan!

Along the streets of Bar Harbor

Lobster Roll, Boothbay Lobster Wharf, my #1 favorite

Our Gas Stations Have Hot Dogs, They Have Lobster Rolls!


The Pawlak Family said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Jon and I will hopefully get to Maine some day soon and I will make sure to write down EVERYTHING you posted. I want a lobster roll RIGHT NOW...yes, with my coffee...RIGHT NOW!

Cute pics of the fam!

RockinMom said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Maine. It is on the top of my list of places I want to visit. Hopefully, someday (soon) I will get the opportunity. Until then, I will just drool over your beautiful pictures of Lobster Rolls ( yum).

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

OMG those lobster rolls - TO DIE FOR!!! I so want to go there - i'd be in heaven!!!

Rob said...

I live in Maine but am originally from California. Maine is a pretty great place. I feel so fortunate I get to live in this beautiful state. The lobster is one of my favorites, too

ashlee mccrary said...

Hey! I live in Houston,Texas and we visit Bristol, ME every Summer! So looking forward to going back again in July! I'm obsessed with lobsters now and my daughter's obsessed with lighthouses. lol We plan to do a whale watching boat ride this Summer for the first time out of booth bay harbor! If you have any tips or suggestions for it, please send them my way!