Three Cheers for the Red, White & Blue!

     As I eluded to in Monday's post about my mom, we headed to our place on Lake Huron last Friday for the Fourth of July celebrations that have become tradition and which we love!!  This was our first trip up north as a family this year as my friend, Alyce's parents were using our place for a few weeks.  After stopping in for a quick visit with my mom, I drove up with the kids and Lucky dog and G met us up there after his day at work.
     On Fridays in the summer there is "Music in the Park", an outdoor concert venue for taking in free concerts from a variety of bands and musicians.  We all had sandwiches and waited for the concert to start.  It is very relaxing, right near the harbor and very low key.  Unfortunately, this was probably the first time we could not even force ourselves to enjoy the acapella singing group that was performing.  I am very open-minded when it comes to music, but this particular group -- I just wasn't feeling it!!  The kids were quite relieved when I said we could make a run for it at intermission, as did quite a few others. 
     It was to be a very hot 95 plus weather weekend.  Our sleeping and happiness was directly dependent on our one unit air conditioner to cool down our place.  It did the trick, but just barely.  Lucky the dog would probably say it didn't work at all.  In the middle of the night, it finally got cool enough to open a few windows.  I enjoyed my Seagrams "Jamaican Me Happy" and got a chance to do some reading while resting up for Saturday's parade and fireworks!!

 The Little Old A/C That Could...

 The Singers That Tried
 A Relaxing Harborside Venue
 Harborview of Lake Huron
 The Bluff from Our Place Overlooking the Beach and Lake Huron
 Relaxing Times Ahead


 I Don't Know If These Are Weeds or Wildflowers, But They're Pretty!

 A Hazy Sundown


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