East Coast 2012 - A Haabah (Harbor) & A Whale

     I know, yesterday's post was positively spine tingling, right!? 
     Almost five years ago, my mother-in-law had a house built in Maine, next to my husband's brother and family.  After formerly living in nearby Ohio and in Michigan, we were sad to see her move that far away as we knew we would not see her as much.  It is a good 15 hour drive and it is not always easy to find convenient affordable flights to the nearest airport in Maine.  Almost three years ago, we drove out in November for Thanksgiving.  It was quite cold and we were pressed for time as the kids only had a couple of days off of school.  I knew some day we should go back in the summertime and this was the summer!!*
     We arrived mid-afternoon last Friday at my mother-in-law's house.  Shortly after, she had a nice home cooked dinner for us where we were joined by my brother-in-law and his two sons, Cole (7) and Duncan (5). 

Nannie's House
Jacob, Duncan and Cole After Playing Soccer
     The next day we had our sights set on Boothbay Harbor.  We had been there once before eleven years ago for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's wedding.  It was beautiful, but the twins were then only 15 months old and Megan had just turned 4 years old.  Not the best time to be tourists.  (it was also shortly after 9-11 and those times were unsettling for travel).  We knew we wanted to go back there someday when we would have more time to appreciate it.  Before we left home, I had decided on the possibility of going on a whale watching boat trip as I thought it would make it more exciting for the kids.  We decided to take the 1:30 pm whale watch.  After getting our tickets, we just barely had time for a quick lunch.  We ended up at the Boothbay Lobster Wharf which ultimately ended up being my favorite of all places for lobster rolls!!  (If you like lobstah -- you must have a lobstah roll -- I will probably do a whole post about lobster!)
     We boarded the "Pink Lady" and found the whale watch to be extremely picturesque (whales or no whales.  We got lucky as the water was uncharacteristically calm that day and the temp was perfect - around 78-80 degrees.  The boats, the birds, the water, the lighthouses were all beautiful!  It is about a 3-hour trip and we did not see any whales, but never fear!!  Cap'n Fish's guarantees you will see whales!  So, we went back for a repeat (free) whale watch a couple days later.  Although the water was a little more rough the second time (which I found kind of fun), it was worth it because we found the whales!!  For me, it is hard to comprehend that after a lifetime of aquariums, some scuba diving and snorkeling, Sea World, etc...., this was the first time any of us had ever come across whales in their natural habitat!!  There are many types of whales that hang out along the coast of Maine.  Everyone on the boat is supposed to be on watch for them.  Once there is a siting, the Captain then slows the boat and we "watch".  If you spot anything, you are to shout out "Whale 3 o'clock" or whatever...  My kids got a much better look at the whales than I did.  (I chose not to knock people over to see them.)  I also think it is very difficult to get a picture, as they only come up briefly for air.  That said, somehow Kristin managed a shot on her iPod Touch (see last pic below).  She cropped in the whale, as it was a further distance from our boat than the picture shows.   
     In addition to many different types of harbor tours, Boothbay also offers great shopping and other attractions as well.  Unfortunately (with the possible exception of my daughters) we were not with a shopping kind of crowd.  However, we did manage to go to a few stores.  If you're ever in the area or just looking for somewhere to visit -- this is a great great place!! 
Living, Laughing, Loving

Buying our Whale Watch Tickets

My favorite place for fresh lobster rolls -- Y-U-M!!

Lunch Menu at Boothbay Lobster Wharf

Lobstahs (Lobsters) Fresh from the Haabah (Harbor)

One of Many Great Views From Boothbay Lobster Wharf Restaurant Deck

The "Pink Lady" Whale Watching Boat Tour
(Jacob and Kristin with their Nannie from Maine)

Kristin is a good whale watcher!!
(ps...the one to the right is just a flag!!)

Another View from Boothbay Lobster Wharf

Our Minke Whale sited July 23, 2012
Cap'n Fish Whale Watch, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

*  I took almost 500 pictures (waaaay more than I ever have on any vacation) so it is difficult to limit my posts!  The scenery along the coast is fabulouso!

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