Teenager Tuesday!!

     Recently, Kelly's Korner had a link up for moms of teens.  So, I linked up with her for the first time ever...  As you probably know, she has a huge following!!  What an eye opener when the response was a bit like this...cricket cricket (crickets chirping...).  Not much in the way of teen moms she had linking up.  Sad but true.  I laughed when I realized the reason was probably that most of us were probably half dead by the time our kids reached the teen years -- no joke!!! 
     Although I am new to the teen world (my oldest will be 15 in September), I can tell you it brings a whole new set of challenges and adventures to being a mom.  Our once cute/can't take enough pictures of 'em kids turn into mini adults with their own opinions, goals, and the ability to express them!!  One of the other moms,Tanya at Baksha Family, decided she would try to rally our troops and keep in touch about life as a mom with teen(s).  I appreciated that!!
     So, today is my first time linking up for Teenager Tuesday!!

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1. Do you make your teenager do their own laundry?  Sometimes.  If my daughter does not keep the laundry coming daily and saves it all up until it's out of control, then often I will tell her she needs to help with it.  Also, if her sports uniform has to be washed after a night game and needs to be ready to take to school the next day of for another game --sometimes the same day, she knows she better get it to me right away or do it herself.  Summertime -- also a good time for her to do some more of her laundry since she is not as busy as during the school year!!

2. If your teen works, do you make them chip in when buying their own clothes?  My 14.75 year old daughter does not yet work a steady job, but when she has babysitting or gift money and she wants clothes that she does not "need" in my opinion, I tell her she has to buy them or possibly split or contribute towards the cost with her.

3. What do you think is an appropriate curfew for teens?  This is hard and I think it depends a lot on the circumstances of where they are, who is there, how old they are, and who is driving/supervising.  I don't think M has ever been out past midnight unless with a friend and the friend's parents.  (Not boys!)  Also depends if it's a school night and what else is going on.  For now, 11pm - 12am is about the latest I will allow and only for special circumstances, not on a regular basis.  Homecoming, an after football game celebration (at a restaurant), and, of course, sleepovers at friends houses they are up really really late!!

 4. Do you make your teen clean their room?  Thankfully, somewhere along the way, my daughter has made the decision to keep her room clean on her own.  It is very rare for it to get out of control.  I have tried to teach her that being unorganized often leads to be unprepared.  She does a great job.  My other two "tweens" who are 12 -- they might be more of a challenge!!

     Well, that was fun!!  Clearly, I am not an expert and right now there is some flexibility as my teen is not wanting to stay out late on a regular basis.  Seems like I still have some time to teach her to do the laundry and maybe even get a job!!??  Do you have a teen or two or three?  Link up or let us know what you think!

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RockinMom said...

Yay. I am so excited to see your link up. I enjoyed reading your answers. I wish at least ONE of my teens-preteens had a desire to keep his/her room clean.