What's the Deal on Friday??!!

    Today I was awakened out of my heat coma when I read Melissa's blog over at 320 Sycamore.  She mentioned her Target as having marked down some things to 70 percent.  I snapped out of my heat coma long enough to know that at some point today I would have to check it out.
     I am never sure if "my Target" will have their stuff marked down since they do not all mark down the same percentage at the same time.  I was happy, however, when I found these items at 70 percent off:

Smith & Hawken Lanterns 29.99 marked down to 8.98 (I got 2)
                                             19.99 marked down to 5.98  (I got 3)
Outdoor Throw Pillows 12.99 marked down to 3.88 (I got 3)
10x10 Gazebo Replacement Canopy 59.99 marked down to 17.70 

Like Melissa's store, mine did not have their other summer items marked down yet.  I was glad to grab these things as the quantities were minimal and I can almost guarantee they will be gone from my Target by Monday, if not by the end of today.  After the high winds we just had, I was especially glad to grab my replacement canopy for the gazebo I got on a great deal last year!!  That thing takes a beating in the heat, rain and windy weather.
     I am tempted to hit another Target or two tomorrow and actually would have considered going tonight had I not had some friends coming over.  Those friends probably saved me a lot of $$$$!!!!!  Let me know if you find anything good at your Target -- now I'm on a mission!!!


5 Lanterns, 3 Throw Pillows, Replacement Canopy, Paper Cups and Flags all for about $67

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Anonymous said...

Great deals you found! Hope you have a great weekend :)