East Coast 2012 - Preview

    Well, hopefully SOMEbody noticed that I haven't posted for about a week.  We've been on vacation...and I have stories...and the dreaded pics to share (lots of them!).  So, if that bores you to tears, you might want to tune out now.  For those left (hello? hello?), here's some pics to set the stage of what we've been up to.
    We drove straight back and got in at 4am this morning, so mama is keeping this post almost silent!!  Any guesses on our final destination??
Living, Laughing, Loving,


Ruth said...

I noticed and missed your posts.

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

I was wondering where you've been lady!! Looks like you are having a blast! LOBSTER - YUMMMMMMM

Looking forward to seeing more pics!

The Pawlak Family said...

I noticed you were MIA! Jon and I are planning a trip to the east coast...as in making plans but have no plan to actually go. We think it looks beautiful and the food would be amazing! Yummmmmmmm

RockinMom said...

I can't wait to read your vacation posts.