Day at the Beach and New Family Members!

     Last week, we found a day without any commitments, so we invited our good friends to spend the day at the beach with us at our place in Lexington.  My friend, Lisa, and her two kids, Kaleigh and Matthew, are good friends with Jacob and Kristin.  So, we got an early start, took the two hour drive, ate some lunch on our deck, and then headed down to the beach.  Here in Michigan, our weather continues to be in the 90s most days...today we are expecting over 100 degrees.  The sand was the kind of HOT where I literally had to hop right into the Lake -- and that was with flip flops on!
Kristin and Kaleigh
     The kids spent a ton of time in the water...and even the moms couldn't resist cooling off in the Lake!!  You know it's been hot when the temp or Lake Huron isn't even that cold.  The kids played in the sand, searched for beach glass and then finally sat down, which is when I took these quick pictures.

     Later, we cleaned up and then headed to A&W for hot dogs and our frosty mugs of root beer.  As the sun was setting we realized our time was running out to check out the cute little shops along Main Street.  We just made it to Crazy Joe's before they closed.  My kids knew that Kaleigh had been wanting a hermit crab for awhile.  We have been the proud owners of a few in the past.  As creepy as they are, they are definitely one of the easiest pets to take care of that we have ever had.  Us moms were a bit blindsided and within about 20 minutes our kids were the proud owners of hermit crabs.  My kids paid for them with their own money and since we had most of the "stuff" for them already, I decided it wasn't too terrible and they were all soooooo excited and happy about it.  Kaleigh was especially happy as she has wanted one for a long time and has even done the research about them.
     We were tempted to stay for the 80s band that was rockin' on out (ha!) at Music in the Park.  However, we had to be back on Saturday so instead we drove by the band and bopped to the music in our car as we past.  The crazy 80s big hair was everywhere and they all seemed to be having fun.
     It was a fun day!  We will have to go back to finish our shopping...and "bopping"!!

Jacob and Matthew

Beach Glass Collection


Proud Hermit Crab Owners

"Shelton" and "Melman" (ewww!)

Home Sweet Home

Sherman (ewww!)


Vicki said...

Love the beach at Lexington. Wish I could go right now and collect some sand glass :)

Kerri said...

What a fun day! We have never been to a beach that has beach glass! I would love that!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Hermit crabs are SCARY looking. I'd freak out if my kids wanted one - LOL

Beach Glass - WOW - I didn't know we could find that anywhere around here! Beautiful!

I so want to head up north now!

The Pawlak Family said...

I love the pictures! Downtown Lexington looks so cute. Are you doing your poster check box this summer?! I thought that was so cute last year!

The Pawlak Family said...

I love the pictures! Downtown Lexington looks so cute. Are you doing the summer poster checkbox this year?! I loved that idea!