Up North - The Parade

     Part of taking in all of the 4th of July celebrations last weekend was the small town parade -- which I love!!!  Again, it was hot hot hot so we claimed our seats in the semi-shade and took it all in.
     Some new things and some old -- but I love it all!!

The Paratrooper Who Jumped In and Started Off the Parade

The Vets

The Dog, Trying to Find Any Shde he Can!!

Who Wants to Try This???  I Do!!  (Nancy?  Donna?)

Miss Pioneer Sugar (Has the Parade Wave Down!!) 

These Garden Club Ladies Seemed to Know How to Have a Good Time!

I Never Tire Of Grown Men in Mini Model Ts

Or This Seemingly Random Donkey With Patriotic Spirit

The Keystone Cops -- Always Having Too Much Fun!

The Keystone Kops Showing Off

And Never Does A Frosty Mug of Root Beer Taste Better Than a Super Hot Day!!!

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