Freebies 101

     It's been awhile, but time to share some of my latest "freebies".  As a review, I primarily follow the website http://www.hip2save.com/ which posts some really great deals as well as gives a heads up to some "freebies" out there such as sample sizes of shampoo, conditioner, new perfumes, vitamins, etc...all kinds of stuff.  You can check out some of other freebies under my "Deals" label found here
     Quick story, a month or so ago I signed up to have a coupon sent to me for a "free" box of John Frieda hair color.  Yesterday, I finally went to the store to get it since it expires soon.  The box was $12 and I got it for free (I'm going to color my mom's hair).  The cashier said "may I ask how you got that coupon"....so I told her...awesome!  I am not even close to being an extreme couponer, but I feel good saving a little bit here and there and I love getting my little "surprises" in the mail now and then. 
     You can see that Jake was happy about the free Wendy's t-shirts.  Apparently, the shirts are a big hit at school when he wears them...the kids think it's funny (even though they are too young to remember those original commercials, I think they saw them on You Tube).
So, check out my recent little stash of goodies, and consider joining in on the fun!!!


Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

Love those shirts!!! I'm gonna have to check that site out! I'm such a bargain shopper! Will not pay full price for anything. Also - where did you get your Ugg slippers?

Cindy said...

Heather - Sorry I'm late in responding. Got the UGG slippers from 6pm.com on a tip from hip2save.com. They are so cozy!

Donna said...

I think you're going to have your own TV show some day....Just sayin'!!!