Why We {Heart} American Express!!

     It is better to give than to receive.  I believe that -- I really do!  In fact, I LOVE gift giving...not just at Christmas time, but anytime.
     Well, I have a little story to share and it goes like this...  This year my husband and I decided to get all three of our kids an iPod Touch for their Christmas present from us.  They have been wanting one for years.  That would be their only gift from us (ok, we might have given them a couple of other little things), and when I saw a "better than Black Friday" deal on them at...Target I made my husband print out the coupons at work (I couldn't print them for some reason) and had him scurry on off to Target, which he did!!  Mission accomplished, and it was even a few weeks before Christmas.  We knew how excited and surprised the kids would be to get them (especially since we had always told them we were never going to get them one). 
     Do you know where this story is going?  So, Christmas morning we gave them each their gifts.  They were ecstatic, and I have to admit those iPod Touchs are pretty amazing little gadgets.  They downloaded apps, music, played games, texted, etc.
     Then there was the trip to Costco New Year's Eve day when all the kids went with my husband.  I was glad for the break and getting ready for a party.  After Costco, my husband came back in the door and said to me..."your daughter is in the driveway crying her eyes out...her iPod Touch screen is shattered"!!  My heart sank...I could not believe it.  Unbeknownst to me, she had brought it with her and when they got home it slid off the back seat of the car onto the floor of the car and shattered!!??  Less than a week old.  I did not need to lecture her about why she brought it in the first place.  Or remind her that the protective cases from Amazon had not arrived yet in the mail.  Or ask how it slid off the seat.  She is 14.  She knows.  She was devastated.  She knows my speech about expensive electronics, cell phones, laptops, iPods, Kindles, etc...  When they were younger we got them the Nintendo DS and constantly enforced them to be in a case any time it left the house.  We discouraged them leaving the house except for long car trips or special exceptions.  Now, at the ages of 11 and 14, I loosened my nagging and had expectations of them using their own best judgment.
     We went on the Apple website.  The prospects did not look good.  Accidental damage and liquid damage are not part of the warranty.  We took it to the Apple store and had to make an appointment and come back.  From what we had heard, though, the screen fix is half the cost of a new iPod.  Megan searched the internet for answers. 
     In the midst of all that, my husband recalled he had used his American Express card when he bought them.  We had heard many good things about their "embedded insurance" for accidental damage and theft.  He called and filed a "claim" on New Year's Day.  They said we should hear in a week or so.  Three days later we received a letter in the mail giving us a credit for the purchase!!!!!!!  We are soooo happy for Megan, for us and to have American Express there when we needed them.  We have never made a claim like that before.  Lesson learned.  The cases have since come in the mail (of course).  Megan hopes to be able to repair or replace her iPod Touch and will have to make up for any cost difference with her own money.
     In the meantime, thank you American Express for bringing the joy back to my daughter's Christmas and for being there when we needed you!!!!

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