Ich Liebe Deutschland!

     Occasionally, I check my blog "stats".  Even though my blog does not get much traffic, I was very excited to see that my second largest "audience" by country (after the USA) was......Germany!!!  Why was I excited?  Well, because our family has lots of German heritage.  Now although I realize that some most all of those readers from Germany probably stumbled on my blog by accident, I would like to think that maybe one of them sensed that we share some cultural similarities!!??  So, don't burst my bubble and just let me think that perhaps I've gone international.... ;)
     What are my German connections, you ask??  Or, what do we do to keep our German heritage alive?  Well, my great grandparents all came from Germany.  In fact, our family name on my mother's side is Haberstroh (sounds pretty German, right!?).  I make (or sometimes buy) Springerle cookies every Christmas.  We go to Frankenmuth (Michigan's Little Bavaria) at least twice a year.  We love and make the German dish Rouladen.  I took German 1 and 2 in high school.  We went to Germany on our honeymoon.  I love carbs.  My husband LOVES beer.
     Ok, so I realize some of the above may be a bit of a "stretch" as far as connecting me to Germany, but what it all means is that we do feel a connection to our German heritage.
     My husband and I have fond memories of our honeymoon when we traveled to Franfurt, Munich and Fussen.  We went on a Rhine River cruise and visited Castle Neuschwanstein...it was all quite beautiful!  We hope to take our kids there some day...oh, and my daughter is currently taking German in high school.  So there you have it -- a preview into my heritage.
I'd love to hear if any of you have similar stories, travels or even have some recipes to share!??
    Cheers and Auf Wiedersehn!!**


Springerle Cookies

Rouladen (yummy!)

Bier a/k/a Beer!
Castle Neuschwanstein

**A very special thank you to Kerri at The Pleasures of My Life for passing on her  
   "Liebster Blog" award.  Check her out...she's the best!  (I will share the love in my next post!)

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