Monday "Memories" With My Mom

Caring for a Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
     As I mentioned in last Monday's "Monday Memories With My Mom" post, the 9th was my mom's 68th birthday!!!  I had visited her the Friday before and realized she thought her birthday had already come and gone.  She also thought she was 69.  Her calendar had been flipped to March already, and on the day of her birthday she had written in "Lunch with Cindy".  Life with my mom is definitely like going on a roller coaster ride...there's anxiety, lots of patience and waiting, anticipation, laughs, excitement, and sometimes you just have an unsettled feeling.  Sometimes it's a brand new roller coaster -- and sometimes it's one that you have been on lots of times.
     She was shocked when I told her it was January and that she had not yet had her birthday.  I joked with her about all the money I could save on her present, and how we were planning on taking her out to dinner, etc...  
     My brother took my mom out on Saturday, but there was also confusion about that.  She called and told me her brother was taking her out to dinner.  I am now realizing that often when she is thinking "brother" she means my brother but says her brother's name.  
     On Sunday, me, my husband and kids all went to Grandma's and gave her some gifts, then took her out to dinner.  Usually, I order for her especially if the menu is large and it is a place we have never been to (which this was).  The kids get a kick out of grandma (and her confusion) and whether they admit it or not, there's a part of them that misses the dinners we used to have with her when she was living with us.  Almost every night, one of the kids will say, "remember when grandma....".  It's usually something pretty funny that she said or did.
     When our dinner came at the restaurant, my mom did not not realize we had not eaten yet.  She is so easily distracted, particularly when there is a lot of commotion all around.  We all enjoyed our dinner and then headed back to my mom's apartment for cake and ice cream.  There are so many fire sprinklers in her place, I was afraid the candles might set them off, but they didn't.  After singing "Happy Birthday" we chanted "are ya 10, are ya 20, are ya 30, etc...up to 60" and then my mom went all the way to 69..which is the age she has decided that she is, at least for now.
     In the end, we all had way too many laughs and a fun time.  Again, I am grateful that we are in a place where my mom can laugh at herself and we can laugh right along. 
In the end, she was grateful for a Happy Birthday and so were we!!

 Singing away and wishing herself a Happy Birthday!

Jacob, The Birthday Girl and Kristin (Mary) ;)

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