Monday "Memories" With My Mom

     I missed last week's mom post because we were out of town the day after Christmas.  I almost hesitate to do an update since there is not too much that is new.  We went for a visit with her today and took down her Christmas tree, lights and a few other decorations.      
     As far as Christmas Eve, we were grateful that my mom was able to be at our family get together for the whole evening (I am never sure how she will react to the extra commotion of a big get together).  In fact, I would say she did a little better than Thanksgiving.  Possibly because everyone at our Christmas Eve was from her side of the family and perhaps having my in-laws at Thanksgiving was confusing to her.
     When I say she did okay, that does not mean there was not some inappropriate or odd behavior.  For instance, she wanted to give my dad (her ex-husband!) numerous kisses and hugs...not recalling those that had already been given.  She drank a ton of pop.  She stopped in the middle of fixing her dinner plate to talk and had no idea that she had not finished it or eaten.  She also had a very hard time focusing on eating.  That same thing happened at Thanksgiving.  I guess there are worse things than that!?  That said, I was rather distracted with kitchen work so maybe I missed some highlights with my mom or perhaps am becoming immune to some of the stuff she says and does!?
     On the positive side she was dressed and ready to go when I picked her up -- and she looked nice!  Of course, she was glad to see everyone, although she mentioned many times that she was disappointed one of her brothers made other plans and therefore was not with us.  In the past, my mom also used to put on her Santa hat every year and direct the gift giving process.  Although I had a Santa hat available just in case, she did not make mention of the past tradition or request her hat, which is obviously due to her dementia.  She also normally spends the night at my house Christmas Eve.  This would have been difficult for many reasons this year, and thankfully she did not ask about staying when it came time to bring her back to the senior living facility.
    Oh, and did I mention that my husband had the idea to be prepared for my mom's "wine request" this holiday.  We bought a bottle of non-alcoholic wine and when my mom requested her wine my husband happily gave her a glass.  It worked out so well, she even cut herself down to half a glass as the night went on!  Wink wink!  Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!
And there was peace on earth,


Jennifer said...

She sure did like that wine! I think she did great too. Well, there was the mention a the threesome in the bathroom....

Arlene - Caregiver ordinaire said...

I love this sweet story! :)